Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Does DAILYMetrix need to be refrigerated?

Yes. DAILYMetrix does need to be refrigerated after opening.
UNOPENED bottles must be stored in a cool place. Temperatures under 90° are suitable. Do not expose it to high heat such as temperatures that can occur in a closed automobile or in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Also, do not allow liquid to freeze.

What is the shelf life of DAILYMetrix?

When stored properly, DAILYMetrix has a very long shelf life. The shelf life of an unopened bottle is over one year, if stored properly. While it is best to use upon opening, the shelf life of an opened bottle of DAILYMetrix is over nine months if stored properly.

How do you take DAILYMetrix?

The following is for educational purposes only. Please check with your healthcare provider to discuss your specific needs. The suggested maintenance amount for the regular liquid is typically 1 ounce per day. This is usually best split half in the morning and half mid-afternoon. Do not take DAILYMetrix too late in the day as the B vitamins may influence your ability to sleep. It is important to take DAILYMetrix with a full glass of pure water. Do not take DAILYMetrix with chlorinated water. Chlorine is reactive with all molecules, including Humic and Fulvic molecules and the molecules of your body. Drinking chlorinated water at all can be harmful to your health and should be avoided. Many practitioners advise that DAILYMetrix be taken one half hour before a meal, or one hour after a meal. Practitioners will sometimes prescribe up to 3 ounces a day of the regular concentrate for special circumstances. You should check with your healthcare provider to discuss how much is best for you.

Always remember to check with your healthcare provider to discuss what is best for you, given your circumstances, before starting any supplementation program. It is important to check with your healthcare provider if you are taking prescription medications. Many practitioners who allow patients to take supplements with prescription medications advise patients to take DAILYMetrix at least one hour before or one hour after taking prescription medications. Fulvic can influence the effective dose of a prescription medication. For example, because it facilitates the delivery of substances to the cell, it can it can amplify the effects of the medication by improving the transportation of a medication to the cell. Conversely, because Fulvic also facilitates detoxification by chelating, or holding onto, foreign substances – prescription medications are foreign substances – Fulvic can reduce the effects of the medication.

What does DAILYMetrix taste and look like?

DAILYMetrix is very dark in color and looks like it would have a very strong taste. In fact, it has very mild taste that has been described as “earthy”. The reason it has such a mild taste compared to some of the other Fulvic and Humic products available on the Internet, is due to our manufacturing processes. We use only highly purified water in the production of DAILYMetrix.

Can I stop taking other vitamin and mineral supplements when I start taking DAILYMetrix?

DAILYMetrix is a full spectrum, vitamin, mineral, element, and amino acid nutritional supplement. It also performs many physiological functions in addition to nutritional support. From a nutritional standpoint, the strength of DAILYMetrix can provide a baseline of the vitamins, minerals, elements, and amino acids our bodies need to support health and wellness.

Studies have shown that missing even a single trace mineral can have significant consequences in the body by impeding or preventing important biochemical processes from occurring. Since DAILYMetrix is a FULL SPECTRUM nutritional supplement, it contains trace minerals and elements needed so that all the nutrients are present for biochemical processes that take place in our bodies.

DAILYMetrix is very different from taking typical vitamin and mineral supplements. For example, the amount needed of calcium in DAILYMetrix would be less than the amount you would need to take of a typical calcium pill or liquid supplement to have the same effect. Why? Since the Humic and Fulvic in DAILYMetrix are Nature’s own delivery system to the cells, nutrients actually get to the cell where they need to go to participate in all the biochemical processes that take place inside the cell to support life-giving functions. If nutrients don’t make it to the cell, it’s like you never took them at all.

Some people do not need additional vitamin and mineral supplementation other than what is found in DAILYMetrix. However, many people have been vitamin and mineral deficient for a long period of time before taking DAILYMetrix. For this reason, practitioners advise patients they can reduce the amount of some of the vitamins and minerals they are prescribed once starting on DAILYMetrix to help “catch up”.

Why is the source of raw material important in choosing a Fulvic or Humic & Fulvic product?

Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic product can only be produced from superior-quality raw materials.  And high-quality raw materials have a high Fulvic content and are free from toxins or impurities such as pollution, chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Advances in processes based on nanotechnology have enabled us to extract and purify Humic and Fulvic from deposits of ancient plant material at concentrations that are truly remarkable while maintaining the activity of the Humic and Fulvic molecules.

Humic and Fulvic in DAILYMetrix are derived from the highest quality Humic deposits located in the wilderness Fruitland Formation, in the northwest corner of New Mexico in the United States of America—well known to be among the finest fresh-water Humic deposits in the world because of its very high Humic and Fulvic content and its purity. The Fruitland Formation is a pristine, remote mountainous wilderness area in northwest New Mexico.

Can people who are facing health issues benefit from taking more than one ounce per day of Humic or Fulvic?

Many of the people who learn about the power of Humic and Fulvic do so when they are facing a health challenge and looking for allies to help them on their path to restore their good health. Humic and Fulvic are very potent allies, helping to restore natural body functions, boost immune response and enable our body’s own amazing ability to heal itself whenever possible, by providing the nutrients it needs and energizing the cells to achieve the balance they need to carry out normal functions.


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